Types Of Hose To Use With Your Pressure Washer

Types Of Hose To Use With Your Pressure Washer

Stubborn dirt has been a word of the past in most homes and places since the advent of pressure washers. House chores that have to do with dirt can now be taken care of with ease, no matter how hard the surface is. An efficient pressure washer helps us make our surroundings as neat as we want them to be. However, as useful as most pressure washers can be, they tend to become a slight problem when the wrong or any hose is being used. Most pressure washers do not work as efficiently as we would like them to, and when this happens,  many people believe that it might be the machine acting up, but sometimes it just might be the type of hose used.

A good pressure washer hose is as good as the pressure washing machine itself. You must understand that some hoses are not meant for pressure washers because of the device's speed and force at which water is being released. Therefore it is important to know the right house for your machine. This is not a simple task as it requires you to be familiar with the specs of both the machine and the hose. In this article, we will discuss different types of hoses used with the pressure washer, and then we will see how one hose differs from the other.

Types Of Hoses Used With the Pressure Washer

  • Raptor Blast 4000 PSI: This steel braided pressure washer is 50' longs. It has couplers and can be used to dispense hot water that is not more than 257 degrees. Some adaptors are this hose, but with the right outlet and inlet, it should be perfect for your pressure washer. Also, with the hose being adaptable to a 4000 PSI machine, it should be able to withstand all kinds of pressure or force in which the water is released from the machine. So many people refer to this hose as the best hose because of its qualities.
  • AR North America 3,000 PSI Hose:This hose is oil resistant with an internal diameter of 1/4". You can use this hose with any pressure washer of 3000 PSI or more. This hose’s inlet is 22 by 14mm, while its outlet is 22mm. This hose is not so flexible as it is not easy to bend like another hose.
  • Apache 10085591: When in need of a lengthy hose, this hose is the right hose as this particular one is 50ft long. This pressure washer hose can also be used with a pressure washer of about 3700 PSI. This hose has a female metric end, i.e., male inlets are required. Also, the hose is made with rubber and very flexible, so it can’t be used for water above 140 degrees.


When the right hose is being used for the right machine and the purpose it's best suited for, it gives a more excellent result. Knowing the types of hose above, selecting the right hose for your pressure washer would no longer be much of a task for you.