Types Of Electric Car Conversion Kits

Types Of Electric Car Conversion Kits

Here we have different types of electric car conversion kits. A fuel or natural gas-powered car can be converted into an electric car by doing some modifications and replacing its engine with batteries and other required motors and controllers. For this objective, electric car conversion kits have been introduced that have all the required components and guidelines that change the power source of the vehicle into an electric car.

As we all know that the evolution of human life had begun, movement of people from place to place is and was the part of daily life. Initially when there was no advancement and development. As soon as the world has started progressing towards inventions, different means of transportation have been made and invented so that people can travel in less time and can reach their desired destinations safely and soundly.

Car Conversion:

The identification of problems in human life has made it easier to fill the gap. As soon as a problem arises, different industries try their level best to manufacture any kind of product that can fulfill the needs of the society. The rise in the prices of gasoline and other essential oils for transportation modes, an invention has been made by the automobile Industry that can be cheaper as compared to fuel/petrol consumed cars. Conversion is a process in which the engine can be converted by modifications in it and uses a different power source or fuel other than the one that was originally designed for it. Fuel powered cars can run into natural gas, propane, electric etc. The process of retrofitting is done for conversion of the engine to change its power source.

The New Technology And Its Advancement

Transportation makes it easy and time saving for the travelers to travel wherever they want with convenience. Air, sea, land and space transportation are various modes of transportation used for people and goods.

Types of Electric Car Conversion Kits:

Two types of kits have been designed by the companies that are including:

Universal Kit-

VS Composites and Poulsen Hybrid offer the kits that can be worked with any of conventional cars however, the installations can be made by professionals and mechanics only.

Specific Kit-

Conversion kits that are especially designed for some specific vehicles only. Li-ion batteries, accessories, and a battery management system are the major components of this kit that allows the conversion of conventional cars into an electric car.


Conversion of conventional cars into electric cars is increasing day by day as it is cheaper and affordable in this era of inflation where the price of fuel is touching the sky. For this purpose, one won’t need a new vehicle but a conversion kit will help to make it powered by electricity. Batteries, cable harness, motor, controllers and other electronic devices are the components of a conversion kit. One should consult with a professional before making a final decision of converting the conventional car into an electric car to avoid the associated risks.