How To Clean The Huawei Y5 2019 Case?

How To Clean The Huawei Y5 2019 Case?

Researchers have shown that a phone case is almost as dirty as a toilet. It touches many surfaces such as the bathroom counters, the ground, restaurant tables, and so many more. The different surfaces ensure that your phone case attracts bacteria and germs. Therefore, if you own a huawei 2019 phone case, it is essential to clean it regularly. Below are simple steps to cleaning the Huawei Y5 2019 case.

A guide to cleaning the Huawei Y5 2019 case

1. Remove the case cover

The first step to cleaning the Huawei Y5 2019 case cover is removing the case cover from your phone. It is nearly impossible to clean your case cover with your phone on without watering your phone. Therefore, to protect your phone from damage, ensure first to remove the case cover from your phone and safely put your phone elsewhere.

2. Put water in a bowl

In the next step, ensure to put about ¾ a cup of warm water in a bowl. The warm water will ensure that some bacteria present can easily die. Once the water is in the bowl, add a drop of dishwashing soap. Too much soap is not necessary. Furthermore, you can use a hand wash soap or a laundry detergent. Once you have your soap in the water, use a spoon or your hand to mix them thoroughly. The critical point to note is that you should avoid using abrasive detergents on your case cover at all costs. The abrasive detergents may impact your case material.

3. Put a soft sponge in the bowl

The soft sponge is the best cleaning item for the Huawei Y5 2019 phone case cover. A wooden toothbrush may be too rough and may cause damage to your phone case. Therefore, ensure to use a soft sponge. Dip it into the water solution and ensure that it has sucked enough soap and water. Then wring it dry to remove any excess water that may be present.

4. Gently scrub the Huawei Y5 case cover

At this step, ensure to use the soft sponge to scrub the Huawei Y5 case cover gently. If you apply too much force, you may end up damaging the cover. Thus, ensure to clean it in an upward downward motion gently. For stubborn stains, apply only a little amount of pressure. Also, ensure that you wash every corner of the case cover on the inside and the outside. You can also continue dipping the sponge in water and wringing it dry as you clean to ensure you have enough soap. Enough soap ensures that all stubborn stains are completely eliminated.

5. Rinse the Huawei Y5 case cover over running water

Once all the stains and parts of your phone are completely clean, you can proceed with rinsing the case cover. The rising can be done over warm running water. The running water will ensure that all the soap used is completely eliminated.

6. Dry the case cover

Once you are done with the rinsing, use a clean and soft piece of cloth to clean dry out the excess water, and then let it air dry.


The Huawei Y5 2019 case is like any other phone case cover. Once it comes into contact with surfaces, it attracts dirt and bacteria. Furthermore, the chances of touching your phone then touching your face are very high. Thus, it is crucial to ensure you regularly clean it.