Everything You Need To Know About Medical Scrubs

Everything You Need To Know About Medical Scrubs

The scrub is a protective and sanitary garment worn by medical staff. In many countries, medical staff is instructed to wear scrubs. Now it does consider a medical uniform. Scrubs are not just for fashion statements or rules; there are many other purposes and benefits of wearing scrubs.

This article will explain the real purpose behind this medical care clothing and how simple cloth will provide important benefits to the medical staff.

So, if you are interested to know these facts, read the article below!

Why Are Scrubs Important?

After seeing all the hospital staff in scrubs, the first question that comes to mind is why this cloth is so important that it's everywhere?

Well, here is your checklist!

1. Prevent Cross-Contamination

Prevention of cross-contamination is the primary concern of hospitals, and the medical world spends a lot to prevent this phenomenon. Cross-contamination is the transfer of disease-causing severe agents from hospitals to the outside world.

If left uncontrolled, this process results in significant pandemics and epidemics worldwide. Scrubs limit the spread of these diseases as the medical staff leaves these scrubs in hospitals for the next day, where proper washing, cleaning and sanitizing are done.

2. Scrubs are Comfortable and Functional

Scrubs are designed to offer comfort and convenience to the wearer. These clothes are very loose fitted with proper pockets so that the wearer can keep all their required stuff.

3. Identification Purposes

When finding a medical professional in a hospital, how do you think you can recognize them in their regular attire? It's an impossible situation unless they have their specific identification code.

The medical scrub is that code for them. The medical staff wears these clothes in different colors based on their ranks or job so everyone can easily recognize them when needed.

Buying Guide for Medical Scrubs

If you are a fresh graduate doctor or want to start your own business in this field, here are some important factors you should consider while purchasing a scrub.

1. Size

Size is the first and foremost element to consider regardless of the cloth you buy. Usually, scrubs don't come up with proper fittings, so size is the only thing you should consider.

However, if you are purchasing custom scrubs to sell, buy all the possibly used sizes. For customized scrubs, you can visit Alibaba.com, a massive online medical scrubs market.

2. Material

Generally, four main types of material are used in the scrub making; spandex, polyester, cotton, and rayon. The material selection depends on the season, breathability, comfort, and durability.

Cotton is the most commonly used material because of its soft and comfortable nature.

3. Style

The medical scrubs are available in many styles with minor differences, but the overall appearance of all styles is almost the same. While choosing the scrub style, check if your hospital has a specific scrub style code or not.

Alibaba's custom scrubs collection consists of various styles to meet customers' demands from diverse backgrounds.

4. Color

When choosing the color of scrubs, remember the color of surgical and non-surgical scrubs varies and is specific in many hospitals. Otherwise, three main color shades are used in medical scrubs; gray, blue, and green.

5. Pockets

The functionality of scrubs is determined by the number and size of pockets. Almost all doctors use these pockets to carry their important accessories. So, while choosing the scrubs prefer large and more pockets.


Medical scrubs are used for an entirely different purpose than regular clothing. So, when purchasing the scrubs, you should remember their importance and how quality their quality matters.