Everything You Need to Know About Custom Cookie Cutters

Everything You Need to Know About Custom Cookie Cutters

Whether you want to make special-shaped cookies on valentines, gingerbread for Christmas, or any flour-based dessert, you cannot go wrong with cookie cutters. They are simple and fun, and the thought of having the same shapes on your dough is mouth-watering. Cookie baking is a long-lived tradition in most homes, so having good cookie cutters helps sustain it. You can get regular, or custom cookie cutters made to your liking. You just need to make your selection wisely or let your specifications known during the ordering process.

What to know when it comes to custom cookie cutters

You can easily get confused when deciding on the cookie cutter to choose from because of the multiple options at your disposal. But that should not always be the case. You can avoid confusion if you know the basics, especially on materials and buying process. In this article, we expound on that and more about cookie cutters.

What are cookie cutters?

They are pieces of metal or plastic shaped differently and used to cut into the dough. You can find a variety of sizes from online stores like Alibaba. They are pretty easy to use. All you do is roll out the dough and press with the cutter. Your cookie comes out with the shape of a cutter.

What materials are cookie cutters made of?

The cookie cutters come in plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, or copper materials.


Plastic cookie cutters are the cheapest in the market. They are the best to use when working with kids. They lack the sharpness that metals have, making them both good and bad as you can't make precise cuts when not used to the cutter.


This is what you'll find in most homes and are affordable. Like plastic, using aluminum cookie cutters is simple. The cutters will not rust, which is excellent, especially when dealing with food. One drawback is they quickly lose shape so getting the desired cookie is tricky.

Stainless steel

These cookie cutters are slightly more expensive than the aluminum ones. However, they are durable and maintain their shape. The disadvantage is that some are prone to rust, hence a health hazard.


Copper cookie cutters are more costly but long-lasting. They make precise and smooth designs, but the dough often gets stuck in the patterns if you don't get the best cutter.

How to shop for cookie cutters

There are a few things to think of while shopping. The material is one of the most important factors to consider. There are four primary cookie cutters materials. Pick based on your preference or the pros and cons of each. The design is the other vital thing to check. Go for the most beautiful creations as a buyer. But with customization, you can quickly get what you want to keep enjoying your cookies.

To sum up

Using custom cookie cutters is an affordable way to make unique cookies from home. The cutters are pretty cheap, even though the materials vary. These materials have advantages and disadvantages, so be keen and weigh your options before buying. Choose cutter designs with patterns that bring out the uniqueness in your cookie shape.